The Best Possible Start for Your Child

Shree Bageshwori Secondary School believes in the holistic approach to modern-day School education. Our approach to providing education to young children is underpinned by our commitment and dedication to helping them achieve Superlative academic performance alongwith a high level of self-confidence, Personal happiness and spiritual fulfillment. We, at Bageshwori, train not only the minds But also the hearts of our students which is necessary to make them good and smart future Citizens of the country. A nurturing and homelike environment at Bageshwori guarantees every single Pupil the confidence to strive for the best, while our creative curriculum and expert faculty Inspire innovative and creative teaching and learning methods that ensure academic excellence. And we do all this in a manner that is highly enjoyable, exciting and interesting to our young students.

From your child’s very first day with us to the day they leave, they will be on a journey of discovery, exploration and enquiry; a journey which equips them them with the skills and knowledge essential for living successfully in the 21st Century.

We greatly value and respect the dignity, self-esteem and worth of all students under our care. We believe that all children can be nurtured, groomed and motivated to achieve their full potential within the Bageshwori environment that is both caring and stimulating. We also impart social skills to our young students in order to enable them to rise the future challenges of adult life.

We, at Bageshwori , promise every parent and guardian that we’ll give your children the best possible start for life and that we’ll transform them into bright, confident, disciplined and diligent pupils who are academically, morally and socially sound.


Shree Bageshwori Secondary School aspires to become a community of lifelong learners who demonstrate knowledge; skills; and values required for productive global citizenship.



The mission of Shree Bageshwori Secondary School is to provide quality education that enables and encourage every student to realize his\her fullest potential.



The goal of our academic program is to provide opportunities for students to develop into competence, confident and responsibilities individuals in all fourkey growth areas.